Welcome Prof. Zhihong Qian from Jilin University, China to be Conference Members!

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Prof. Zhihong Qian

Jilin University, China

Research Area: Wireless Networks

Research Experience:

Zhihong Qian, a Professor of Communication and Information Systems at Jilin University, Ph.D candidate supervisor, graduated with the Ph.D. in Communication and Information Systems at Jilin University. His research work focuses on wireless network and communication system, including key technologies of wireless sensor networks (WSN), internet of things (IOT), signal analysis and process of wireless network system. He is one of Editorial Board Members for Journal of Communications, Journal of Electronics & Information Technology, Journal of Electronics (China), China Communications (SCI), Acta Electronica Sinica and Chinese Journal of Electronics(SCI). He is the senior member of IEEE. He hosted ITA2013, SECS-2013, AICE2014, CNIS2015, CSMA 2015, ICNISC2016, CEIS2016, and WCNA 2017 respectively, as the General Chair, in the latest 5 years. He is the author of 3 monographs, has been granted 4 patents, has completed 26 research projects with his co-operators as a principal investigator or main co-operator, and authored and co-authored more than 160 research papers in national or international academic journals and conferences.