Welcome Prof. Irina Kirpichnikova from South Ural State University, Russia to be Conference Members!

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Prof. Irina Kirpichnikova

South Ural State University, Russia

Research Area: Renewable Energy

Research Experience:

Employment History -

1979-1983 - Agricultural institute, Tumen, Russia

1983-2007 - Chelyabinsk state agricultural university, Russia

2007-current time - South Ural State University (National Research University), Chelyabinsk, Russia

Research Interests - Renewable sources of energy (wind power, sun power)

Key words- Vertical-axis wind turbines, ecology, mathematical and physical models, solar concentrators

Publications - Whole quantity – 119 publications. 39 publications during the last 5 years

Whole quantity – 6 books, 8 patents.

Professional memberships - Membership of the ROSSNIO Committee of Using renewable sources of energy