Welcome Prof. Qing Yang from Central China Normal University to be Organizing Committee member!

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Prof. Qing Yang

Central China Normal University

Research Area: Data mining

Research Experience:

 I have been mainly engaged in the research of data mining in recent years.I host and participate in a  number of research projects at national and provincial level ,including (1).National Science and technology  support  program  ‘reseach on the key technology of exhibition display of modern science and Technology Museum and innovation platform construction and application demonstration’. (2). Research on visual interactive exhibition design based on human major science and technology discovery and innovation (2015-2018).(3)In 2017, I presided over the work of "a study of learning behavior analysis and prediction methods".   The official publication of more than a dozen scientific papers. More than a dozen textbooks of college students have been compiled.Get a national invention patent.  Access to 5 People,s Republic of China Software copyright.