Welcome Dr. A Mani from University of Calcutta, India to be committee member! 

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Dr. A Mani 

University of Calcutta, India

Research Area: 

Rough Sets, Algebra, Logic, Formal Approaches to Vagueness,  Mereology, Machine Learning, AI, Fuzzy Sets, Psychometry

Research Experience:

A. Mani is a leading researcher in algebra, logic, rough sets, vagueness, mereology and foundations of Mathematics. Her interests include algebraic semantics, granularity, mereology, other formal approaches to vagueness, dialectical logic, generalized probability, and allied/interdisciplinary areas. She has published extensively in international peer reviewed journals and has two books (including “Algebraic Methods in General Rough Sets” in the Springer Trends in Mathematics Series) to her credit. In 2016, she was recognized as an ‘outstanding reviewer’ by Elsevier journals. She has also been involved in teaching and development of courses in machine learning, mathematics, and statistics, and has many years of experience in providing part-time services in soft computing, GNU/R, and free software. Her affiliations include the University of Calcutta and the International Rough Set Society.